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Heavybao commercial kitchenware is the supplier and manufacturer of general kitchen equipment, kitchenware, buffet products and tableware for the hospitality and catering industries. Since its founding by Mr. Benmen Huang, Heavybao has experienced continuous growth.

and now has plants of 20,000m- and 150 plus employees. Heavybao's core activities are product research & development, mold design, a focus on quality and customer-based service. Our extensive catalogue consists of over 600 products, and we are still developing more innovative products and new solutions for the professional catering market. To meet our customers' specific designs and needs, Moving forward, we will continue to put greater effort on quality management, as well as continuing to provide our excellent customer-oriented service.

We will continue to create win-win situations with all our customers.

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Heavybao Banquet Party Stainless Steel Warmer Heating Element Mulled Wine Water Boiler Tea Warming Urn.

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